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Apps and devices offer a growing range of ways to get the important health information you're tracking into your TELUS health space record. Many apps let you analyze and manage that information to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

About apps

Apps connected to TELUS health space are online tools or mobile apps that can help you get more out of—and put more into—TELUS health space.

You can choose apps that add data to TELUS health space and apps that use your data in TELUS health space to help you stay motivated, analyze trends, and receive education and recommendations to keep you at your best.

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About devices

Health devices—blood pressure monitors, pedometers, blood glucose meters, and more—are a great way to gather valuable information.

TELUS health space lets you store that information in one central location, then use it with apps that help you track your progress and manage your health and fitness goals.

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