Process of Becoming a TELUS health space Solution Provider

TELUS health space is Canada Health Infoway certified platform for people to organize, store, and share health information online. TELUS health space offers a central repository for health information—collected at home, the doctor’s office, gym, and anywhere in between.

As a technology platform, TELUS health space supports a growing ecosystem of connected, user-friendly apps, so people can keep a comprehensive record of their health and well-being information in a place where they can view and share it with whomever they see fit.

By becoming a part of the TELUS health space ecosystem you become part of a valuable network of organizations that are uniquely able to empower users to manage and exchange their information using a common platform.

If you are interested in evaluating how to become a TELUS health space partner, we encourage you to go through our 3-step process.

1. Learn about how to connect to TELUS health space®, powered by Microsoft® HealthVault®

TELUS health space runs on Microsoft HealthVault technology. To learn more about how to connect to TELUS health space, we recommend that you connect directly to the Microsoft MSDNHealthVault Developer Center

In particular, we recommend that you read Getting Started with the Microsoft SDK and that you take a look at the HealthVault Developer Center for forums, blogs, and other relevant technical information by Microsoft developers.

2. Develop- Design and build a TELUS health space enabled application

Contact the TELUS health space Business Development Team at and request a TELUS health space® – Welcome Package for Partners. This package contains all the technical and process-related information to help you analyze, solution, integrate, and deploy your application or device on the TELUS health space Ecosystem.:

  • Access to the TELUS health space on the Partner Production Environment (PPE)
  • Access to the TELUS health space and TELUS Personal Health Record on the PPE
  • Access to the Microsoft HealthVault Connection Center for TELUS health space for connected devices on PPE
  • Access to the TELUS health space Application Configuration Center (ACC) on PPE
  • Access to the TELUS health space Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Data Mapping for data inter-operability with the TELUS PHR
  • Access to the Developer’s X-Ray tool
  • TELUS health space Branding Guidelines
  • Discovery and technical Documents
  • On-boarding Process Overview
  • Registration Module Integration
  • Operations and Privacy Requirements
  • Go-Live Guide

The TELUS team will guide you through this on-boarding process and provide you with relevant additional business and technical documentation

  • Involve your technical development team to analyze and design your integration strategy.
  • Download the development kits:
  • Experiment with the application. Contact the TELUS health space Technical Program Manager at The Technical Program Manager will guide you through this experimentation phase and will provide you with an account in our Partner Production Environment (PPE). You can then edit the code in the sample applications. The TELUS health space Partner Production Environment is separate from, but functionally equivalent to, the TELUS health space live environment. This separation allows developers to create an account in the developer environment, set up fictitious TELUS health space accounts for fictitious TELUS health space users, and experiment by changing the code in the sample applications. It is important to note that private information should not be stored in the Partner Production Environment.
  • Get an ApplicationID directly from the Application Configuration Center on the PPE or contact the TELUS health space Technical Program Manager at to obtain one. The Application ID will enable you to:
    • put your own logo, application name and description on the application authorization page
    • enables developers to set up offline data access (allowing your application to access user data when the user is not signed in to TELUS health space),
    • use OpenQuery functionality (to access user information on a linked server), and
    • use Send Email functionality.
  • Verify that your application and operational processes meet the TELUS Operating and Privacy Requirements. Contact TELUS health space’s Technical Program Manager at for more details on these requirements.

3. Finalize

  • Once your application is integrated and fully functional on the Partner -Production Environment (PPE), contact the TELUS health space Technical Program Manager at to finalize the details of your Go-Live Review.
  • The Technical Program Manager will guide you through this important phase that will see your application or device being certified and made available to all users on TELUS health space.
  • Prior to your Go-Live Review, you need to have a Solution Provider Agreement in place. Contact TELUS health space at for all business related issues.

Access to TELUS health space for individuals will no longer be supported after April 28th, 2018.

To access your account, please refer to the instructions in the email that was sent to you on March 27th, 2018.

Contact if you require support.

Thank you for experiencing TELUS health space!

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